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In our clients' own words

The success of our clients is what speaks volumes for us

When our clients are successful, we know that we've succeeded in our mission.

Scott Allison - Sentry One

Listen as Scott shares his story of why he chose Sandler Training Tampa for his organization's sales training.

“Sandler has changed the way our company does business. We are on track for increasing our sales by 80%! However, the relationships we are forming with new clients and re-forming with existing clients are more important. The Sandler system helps solidify our position as a true solutions provider, rather than just some commodity. It is a great investment!”

Mark Reed - ReedTMS Logistics

Listen as Mark shares his story of why he chose Sandler Training Tampa for his organization's sales training.

“Sandler has been an immense influence in my life. From transforming my business, to enabling me to know who and when to target and close, to the understanding I am selling every day through leadership and relationships... it is more than just a system to me; it is a lifestyle.”

Justin Waters - American Integrity Insurance

Listen as Justin shares his story of why he chose Sandler Training Tampa for his organization's sales training.

“Given a long, successful career in sales I thought I understood selling and the buyer/seller dynamic; but, before attending Sandler,Training I didn’t know what I didn’t know. David Sandler’s philosophy of selling is counter intuitive to what is taught in traditional sales training; however, given human nature, it works! The Sandler sales training, including having a process to follow, is invaluable for continued sales success.”

Courtney Long - Dominion Payroll

Listen as Courtney shares her story of why she chose Sandler Training Tampa for her organization's sales training.

“Over seven years ago, we hired Sandler because we were looking for a sales process for our team to follow. We got all that and much more. Sandler has helped us institutionalize customer service and sales and also helped us learn how hire and manage people better - completely unexpected from our sales training provider. Having a million-dollar attitude and equal business stature is the only way to perform!”

“We recently hired Clint Babcock to help improve our sales strategy at DPS. Almost immediately, we were bringing in new business. The combination of the course content, off-line consulting and creative ideas to helping us solve challenging issues has far exceeded my short term expectations. Clint and team Sandler are so much more than "sales training;" Clint is one of my top trusted business advisers. I envision a long business relationship with Clint as our business continues to grow at the pace we are.”

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